Christmas 1962

Most people who never experienced the blizzard of just after Christmas 1962 wouldn’t now believe what happened that night on Dartmoor. Or the rest of the country, for that matter. And who can blame them? We don’t get weather like that anymore. Not blizzards, anyway. Not like that. Storms, yes, terrifyingly destructive winds like the … Continue reading Christmas 1962


China Doll

My name is Doris Huccaby and this is what happened to me. ‘Cooee,’ I called, ‘Cooee, Jill, I’m here, it’s only me. Here to help with the blackberry jelly.’ Sometimes Jill forgets things, ‘going a bit scatty, that’s me,’ says Jill. Jill says things like that but the main thing is to ignore her completely. … Continue reading China Doll